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What is ANW? | What is Archives and Records Council Wales?
How will ANW work? | Who is funding the project?
What is the project timetable? | What happens after 2005?
Who is doing the work? | Which documents are included?
Will I be able to view the documents online? |
How will I be able to search for material?
Can I search for a single document? | Is the website bilingual?

What is ANW?

Archives Network Wales is a project to create a web resource to allow easy searching of the collections of documents held by record offices, universities, museums and libraries in Wales, so that users will be able to identify which repositories hold information relevant to their research or interest.

What is Archives and Records Council Wales?

Archives and Records Council Wales (ARCW) represents organisations involved in administering the documentary heritage of Wales, including local government archive services, universities and national bodies. It was set up in 1995 to raise the profile of archives in Welsh public life, as Archives Council Wales. In November 2004, it changed its name to Archives and Records Council Wales. ARCW is responsible for the ANW project; there is a Project Management Group overseeing the ANW team. See Project partners.

How will ANW work?

ANW will use the existing finding aids (lists of the contents of each collection) to create a standardised electronic description of the nature, extent, type and scope of the records, which will then be searchable through the website. Records will be added throughout the course of the project. The 4,500 records will represent 90% of the catalogued collections of the ARCW members. ANW will also be training staff of ARCW members in the use of the system.

Who is funding the project?

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the National Library of Wales, and the other bodies forming Archives and Records Council Wales.

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What is the project timetable?

The project started in January 2003, and the funding runs until December 2005. In September 2003 the first data went online (500 records, comprising family and estate records held by ARCW partners throughout Wales, initially created as a project funded by the Historical Manuscripts Commission, and other records held by the National Library of Wales). A further 4,000 records will be added over the next two years, with an official launch of the website in autumn 2005. See Project milestones.

What happens after 2005?

The website will be maintained by ARCW after the completion of the ANW project. The system is designed to allow the partners to continue to add records to the website.

Who is doing the work?

ARCW has appointed a team of six to undertake the work, based in the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. The ANW team comprises a Project Manager, Martin Locock, and five Archive Officers.

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Which documents are included?

Each repository has been asked to select their most important collections of documents. These include corporate papers and business archives, personal papers and diaries of prominent literary, artistic, political or other figures (living and dead), estate archives, council, academic and church records. The records take many forms: manuscripts, printed materials, photographs, maps and picture. The data will exclude uncatalogued material.

Will I be able to view the documents online?

No. ANW provides information about the location and nature of the sources, and access details to the repositories. It operates as an index to sources rather than as a source itself.

Examples of websites which display primary documents include:

How will I be able to search for material?

The website allows a range of search options, including a simple text search, advanced searching of specific fields, thematic searching using subject, personal and corporate names, and geographical searching.

Can I search for a single document?

No. ANW is providing information at the collection level (describing a group of documents rather than individual items).

Websites allowing searches at other levels include:

Is the website bilingual?

Yes. The web pages and search facilities are fully bilingual. The underlying data has been created in English, so search results will not be bilingual.

Project milestones

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June 2002

Grant awarded by Heritage Lottery Fund for three-year project to make 4,000+ collection descriptions available on the web.

November 2002

Work starts on preparing the computer system, defining the collections to be included, and appointment of the project team.

January 2003

ANW project team starts work, initially on the holdings of the National Library of Wales.

July 2003

ANW project team starts work on the records of other repositories.

September 2003

Website goes live with first data, 500 records drawn from all ACW members. Launch and marketing campaign.
ANW launch presentation
The live website was launched on 4th September 2003 by Alun Pugh (Minister for Culture, the Welsh Language and Sport) (above right), who was presented with a group of archive photographs as a memento by Susan Edwards (Vice Chair, Archives Council Wales). Other speakers at the event were (left to right) Gwyn Jenkins (Secretary, Archives Council Wales), Martin Locock (ANW Project Manager), and Richard Keen (Wales committee, Heritage Lottery Fund).

ANW: An Introduction (Powerpoint presentation) (2.7Mb)

September 2005

Elisabeth Bennett, ARCW

The website was officially launched by ARCW and the Assembly Minister for Culture, the Welsh Language and Sport, on 22 September 2005; the event included presentations from user representatives and video links celebrating the anniversary of the first wireless telegraph transmission from the UK to Australia in 1918.

March 2006

Completion of the ANW team's work.

Progress reports and meetings

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Project Management Group minutes

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Project partners

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The ANW project is being undertaken by the members of Archives and Records Council Wales, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Partner information ANW collections
Aberystwyth University Aberystwyth collections
Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales RCAHMW collections
Anglesey County Record Office Anglesey collections
Bangor University Library Bangor collections
Carmarthenshire Archives Service Carmarthenshire collections
Ceredigion Archives Ceredigion collections
Conwy Archives Service Conwy collections
Denbighshire Record Office Denbighshire collections
Flintshire Record Office Flintshire collections
Glamorgan Record Office Glamorgan collections
Gwent Record Office Gwent collections
Gwynedd Archives Service: Caernarfon Record Office Caernarfon collections
Gwynedd Archives Service: Meirionnydd Archives Meirionnydd collections
University of Wales, Lampeter Lampeter collections
National Library of Wales NLW collections
National Museums and Galleries of Wales
Pembrokeshire Record Office Pembrokeshire collections
Powys County Archives Office Powys collections
Swansea University Library Swansea collections
West Glamorgan Archive Service West Glamorgan collections
Wrexham: A N Palmer Centre for Local Studies and Archives Wrexham collections

Technical information and credits

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