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Terms in the indexes that are linked to live descriptions are shown underlined bold.


NT Chicago (Ill.) urban area (45.00N, -87.00E)

Ilston (Wales) parish (SS 5590) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ilston (Wales) parish (SS 5590) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Ilston (Wales) parish (SS 5590) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Llanilltud Gŵyr (Wales : parish)
RT Parkmill (Wales) village (SS 5489)

India nation (20.00N, 77.00E)

UF Bharat

NT Assam (India) state (26.00N, 92.00E);  Bombay (India) city (18.93N, 72.85E);  Mizoram (India) union territory (23.00N, 93.00E)

RT Bengal, Bay of natural feature (12.00N, 83.00E)

India'r Gorllewin USE West Indies (18.00N, -75.00E)

Ireland nation (53.00N, -8.00E )

UF Iwerddon, Eire, Republic of Ireland

NT Cavan (Ireland) county (53.90N , -7.25E);  Cork (Ireland) county (51.90N, -8.40E );  Donegal (Ireland) county (54.80N, -8.00E);  Dublin (Ireland) city (53.33N, -6.25E);  Kilkenny (Ireland) county (52.67N, -7.33E);  Limerick (Ireland) county (52.50N, -8.75E);  Monaghan (Ireland) county (54.16N, -7.00E);  Sligo (Ireland) county (54.17N, -8.67E);  Tipperary (Ireland) county (52.48N, -8.17E);  Waterford (Ireland) county (52.17N, -7.67E)

Is-coed (Wales) USE Isycoed (Wales) parish (SJ 5042)

Iscoyd (Wales) USE Isycoed (Wales) parish (SJ 5042)

Isfahan (Iran : town) USE Eşfahān (Iran) city (32.65N, 51.67E)

Islwyn (Wales) district (ST 2490) | Gwent | Wales

RT Abercarn (Wales) parish (ST 2194)
RT Bedwellty (Wales) parish (SO 1600)
RT Mynyddislwyn (Wales) parish (ST 1994)
RT Risca (Wales) town (ST 2490)

Ismiston (Wales) USE Uzmaston (Wales) parish (SM 9714)

Ispahan (Iran : town) USE Eşfahān (Iran) city (32.65N, 51.67E)

Isycoed (Wales) parish (SJ 5042) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Isycoed (Wales) parish (SJ 5042) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Is-coed (Wales), Iscoyd (Wales)

Isygarreg (Wales) parish (SN 7198) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Isygarreg (Wales) parish (SN 7198) | Powys | Wales]

Italia USE Italy nation (42.80N, 12.80E)

Italy nation (42.80N, 12.80E)

UF Yr Eidal , Italia , Eidal, Yr

NT Florence (Italy) province (43.00N, 11.30E);  Sicily (Italy) region (37.50N, 14.00E)

Itton (Wales) parish (ST 4995) | Monmouthshire | Wales

UF Llanddeiniol (Monmouthshire, Wales), Llanddinol (Wales)

Iwerddon USE Ireland nation (53.00N, -8.00E )


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